Sunset Ridge Church of Christ

Senior Living Facility – San Marcos, TX

Sunset Ridge Church of Christ faces its neighborhood with a lovely mid-20th century stone edifice that is crowned with a beautiful 65-foot bell tower. For more than 50 years, the Church called its faithful and marked sacred milestones with its powerful bells.

Then, during a relatively routine storm, lightning struck. The peak of the historic bell tower was damaged, the carved capstones were loosened and became dangerously unstable.

JF&A set up a sturdy scaffolding with a massive boom hoist, carefully disassembling the damaged capstones (some weighed more than 300 pounds), lowering them to the ground. Temporary repairs held the peak and roof area secure until new capstones could be carved at the quarry. When the new stones were ready, JF&A hoisted the replacements into place.