St. Charles Parish Archdiocese

Houma / Montegut, Louisiana

The Catholic Church is the heart of many small Louisiana communities. After ripping through the Caribbean, Gustav landed near Coomie, Louisiana with 115 mph winds and a torrent of rain. Seven or eight churches in the Houma/Thibodaux archdiocese were damaged, along with schools, day cares, rectories, retreat centers, a nursing home and administration facilities.

Once we repair the immediate damage to secure the buildings, Hurricane reconstruction is a mess. The water that surges through a building during a big storm is dirty, contaminated with all kinds of substances. Walls that withstand the wind may still have to be taken out to get rid of the mold and accommodate replacement structural duties to reinforce the building.

JF&A’s work was thorough, and greatly appreciated by the archdiocese. They became one of our first CPR Clients. We have complete information on all of their buildings, with contingency plans in place. If another storm or other disaster hits St. Charles Parish, JF&A will respond quickly and accurately.