Riverview Towers Chiller

San Antonio, Texas

On July 18, 2013 a water supply line ruptured in the basement of Riverview Towers. While the amount of water emitted was relatively small, the direction of the water spray terminally damaged a 500 ton HVAC chiller and its sophisticated control panel.

July in San Antonio is no time to be without air conditioning and a temporary chiller was brought in, parked in an adjacent alley and routed into the tower’s HVAC system.

Due to the enormous size of the chiller as well as its location in a basement with limited access, a game plan was devised to excavate a pit on an adjacent vacant lot to expose the basement wall. Crews were then brought in to saw cut through the 30” thick wall and eradicate enough of it to facilitate removal of the old chiller and installation of the new unit. While a 12 week lead time was required to manufacture the new chiller, the actual removal and replacement of it was accomplished in a week’s time. Thank to great planning and the cooperation of the building’s owners and management as well as the weather.