FBC Port Arthur

Port Arthur, Texas

When the congregation of the First Baptist Church in Port Arthur raise their voices in praise, it echoes off a magnificent, soaring, vaulted ceiling that rises as much as 40 feet from the floor. When Hurricane Ike blew through Port Arthur in 2008, it brought extensive damage to the church. Most of the project was typical – roofs, gutters, detailed interior work.

The ceiling, however, was a real challenge. JF&A installed an elaborate scaffolding system which created an upper “floor” for the crew. Like Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel, the workers would climb to the “second floor” to work on the ceiling.

Disasters can blow real damage into a community, but it’s not permanent when you have a respectful, professional crew that does what it takes to restore the building as good as – or better than – new.