Flood Damage

Snow melt and rain descend upon America’s heartland every year, sending our great rivers roaring through valleys and engulfing entire communities. More frequently, a plumbing line breaks and several floors of a building are overwhelmed with water.

In the wake of any flood, electrical systems, flooring, ceilings and walls are damaged. If there isn’t time to recover quickly, mold can grow into the very bones of a building and render the environment unhealthy. JF&A knows how to repair flood damage and resuscitate your business.

Fire Damage

When fire strikes, damage spreads beyond its flames. Smoke permeates HVAC systems, structural elements are weakened, water and chemicals used to extinguish the blaze soak carpets and mar surfaces.

JF&A looks beyond the scorched areas to identify the full extent of damage, and bring the property back to proper, pleasant working order.

Wind Damage

Hurricanes, tornadoes and massive thunderstorms have made big news with large paths of destruction ripped across large parts of the nation. Tragic loss of life and injuries are matched with damage wreaked upon our businesses, schools, churches and government buildings. Community economies are dependent upon rebuilding, reconstructing and repairing our structures as quickly as possible.

JF&A was on the scene in Houma, Louisiana after Hurricane Ike to help recover the YMCA and several churches, helping heal the heart of the community.